12 X 12 pcs High Dome Clear Plastic Cupcake Holders Box Cake Packaging Tray

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Do you always find that your cupcake pops out when transporting them? This is the perfect durable clear cupcake holder with individual compartment.

These cupcakes boxes can hold 12 cupcakes/muffin with each individual compartment. It also does a wonderful job in protecting them whilst being transported. The high dome, gives you space for your frosting so no need of worrying that your cream will stick to the box. The hinge lid also ensures that your cupcakes stays fresh

It is disposable or can be reused several times. A sturdy design to hold cupcakes in place:

For each cupcake compartment:

Bottom dimension: 5cm

Outer ring: 6.5cm

Height : 4cm

A total overall height of 10cm including the dome.

Each package comes with 12pcs of 12 compartment high dome cupcake boxes.

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